Integument of a dead body, last transformation of the caterpillar

Film type: Experimental Short Film
Duration: 9'
Genre: Drama
Country: Greece
Language: Greek

To become a butterfly, a caterpillar first digests itself. But certain groups of cells survive, turning the soup into eyes, wings, antennae and other adult structures. All that the caterpillar was and all that the butterfly will be are contained in the cocoon, but one form must relinquish itself that another might emerge.  This kind of change is mysterious, hidden, and full of surprise. Metamorphosis is a process, which involves struggle, dissolving, reimagining and revising. It is not always easy, however, when you emerge, you will have a greater appreciation for who you are.

Director's Note
Nekydallo is a personal testimony to the pain of my father's death. One day I met a man who told me in a simple way that he had also lost someone. That simplisity made me see what is underground of the surface. I saw all my self-destruction because of my mourning and my imprisonment in this situation. So I decided to make this film. I wanted to tell this man and to myself that you can reach the bottom, but you have to find the power to get out and that we do it ourselves.

Cast Katerina Spirou

Writer/Director Eleni Molfeta                
Director Of Photography Nikos Karouzos                   
Editor/Color Grading Christos Giannakopoulos

Sound Christos Pappas

Sound Designer Christos Sakellariou - George Ramantanis
Music Daphne Farazi

Set Designer Eleni Molfeta - Vasilina Kouliou

Costumes Thalia Sakali

Hair - Make Up Evie Rapti
Producer Eleni Molfeta

Film Review

Eleni Molfeta’s short film NEKYDALLO is a very moving portrayal and a personal testimony of pain and enduring journey of losing someone and getting over the misery, while finding the power to move on. Life isn’t always bright and sometimes people have to go through not so happy situations, but they need to keep their balance in life and go further. We have to explore both the underground and the surface of the pain and Eleni manages to illustrate such a rough period of a girl’s life. This premise is quite an interesting one that really arouses curiosity. It takes a lot of courage and time for this dramatic transformation and in this process you can even go crazy sometimes.


The script gives characters the opportunity to do an exceptional performance, especially when it comes to the scenes where the girl is in complete misery and feels out of place, being captive in her mental state and too aroused by the circumstances she got into. The poor light, texture and scenography are the three coordinates the filmmaker fascinatingly manipulates to create a personal and painfully cold universe. It succeeds in conveying a primal uneasiness and making the audience empathize with this particular condition.

The main merit is the creation of a certain atmosphere of enduring that draws the viewers attention to the character’s disturbed feelings. The project excels both technically and artistically: using a very much on point cinematography with a beautiful framework that gives you chills, the editing by uses alternations between shots of dark dusty and dirty scenes with the wet and cold ones.

In this way, the director achieves to transpose her message about how hard is to move on after a situation like this and that even if it’s hard, you have to never give up and try to find your inner peace.

Written by
Film Review Specialist
Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest

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Nekydallo is a state hidden in a time capsule. Εither you die in there or you become a butterfly.